• What is the function of the diamond flap disc

    The diamond flap disc is a power tool accessory and is mainly used for polishing, polishing and grinding in metallurgy, machinery, light industry, wood products, furniture, hardware, plastics, melamin

    2022-06-02 11:25:13 admin

  • Z-LION Online Shows in 2022

    We will join the following shows online in year 2022: TISE (The International Surface Event) Feb 01-03, 2022 IBS (International Builders' Show) Feb 08-10, 2022

    2022-01-27 13:56:10 admin

  • Welcome to visit our online showroom for MARMOMAC

    Dear customers:Sorry we are not able to meet you in Verona this year because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. But we prepared an VR online showroom for MARMO+MAC. Our new products, ZL-123J 7step dry polishin

    2021-09-17 16:32:20 admin

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