What is the function of the diamond flap disc

What is the function of the diamond flap disc

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The diamond flap disc is a power tool accessory and is mainly used for polishing, polishing and grinding in metallurgy, machinery, light industry, wood products, furniture, hardware, plastics, melamine, building materials, automobiles, leather, textiles and other industries.

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The diamond flap disc is specially used for grinding metal, and there are also those specially used for grinding wood, which cannot be mixed.

Three tips to improve the performance of diamond flap discs

1. The right choice

The correct choice of diamond flap discs can ensure that the diamond flap discs are used to the fullest. The high-quality diamond flap disc has a relatively strong cutting force and can adapt to the cutting treatment of materials with different strengths. Its heat-resistant and wear-resistant characteristics can also complete large-scale equipment grinding and polishing. Tablet products as many as several times.

2. Sufficient pressure

Excessive use can overload and overheat the diamond flap discs, which will cause the diamond flap discs to wear faster and reduce the effectiveness of the abrasive. At the same time, if used without enough pressure, the diamond flap discs will not engage the metal enough to effectively grind the surface, which will result in longer grinding times and further wear.

3. Correct use

The diamond flap discs are designed to work at an angle. The angle depends on your build and what you're grinding, however, generally between 5-10 degrees on flat/horizontal. If the angle is too flat, too many vane particles will immediately bond with the metal, causing the diamond flap discs to wear out faster. If the angle is too high, the blades cannot be fully used. This can lead to excessive wear on some diamond flap discs and insufficient sanding.

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