How to polish marble

How to polish marble

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Marble is now mainly used for the decoration of the ground. The marble must be well maintained when it is used. Only when the marble is well maintained can the gas marble be used better, so that the use time will be longer. But how much do you know about the marble polishing method? In fact, there are many problems that need to be paid attention to when polishing marble. Next, let the Z-LION tell you the marble polishing method and the precautions for marble polishing.

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What is the marble polishing method?

1. The surface of the marble should be thoroughly cleaned before use, and then the crystal powder of the marble should be mixed into a paste with water, and then applied to the red polishing pad. Keep the ground wet during mopping operation

2. When a high-gloss crystal surface appears on the surface of the marble, use a water absorbing machine to absorb the ground paste, wipe off the remaining part with a mop, and dry it with water.

3. Polish with a white polishing pad or wipe with a dry cloth to make the ground completely clean and dry. If the stone surface is not completely dry, it will affect the visual effect.

Note the following:

1. The stone surface should be dry and smooth. After refurbishment, use animal hair pads or nano wool pads as much as possible to dry the ground to about 50 degrees and then do crystal surface treatment. Use clean steel wool and cleaning pads.

2. When it is ready, it should be closed immediately. When the stone emits glass light, it should be stopped immediately. Use neutral crystal surface agent and neutral refurbishment paste. Stone daily maintenance type crystal hard treatment: This is the best maintenance method, as long as the conditions can be done, this method should be used as much as possible. Tools and materials: stone care machine (floor brushing machine), vacuum cleaner, red cleaning pad, flexible polishing pad, steel wool, watering can, dust pusher, crystal surface maintenance agent, crystal hard powder.

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What are the precautions for marble polishing?

1. After grinding, use a water absorbing machine to treat the moisture on the ground, and at the same time use a blow dryer to dry the overall stone floor, or use natural air-drying to keep the stone surface dry. While spraying the potion evenly, use the marble polishing machine to grind, use the red cleaning pad of the cleaning machine, sprinkle the same amount of water with the potion on the ground, and start grinding. The effect of thermal energy makes the crystal surface material crystallized on the stone surface. Surface effect.

2. For granite with high quartz content that is difficult to polish, the lower limit of the linear speed of the polishing machine is appropriate. When producing granite tiles, the diameter of the stone grinding machine used is small, and the linear speed can reach 35m/s. Grinding depth is an important parameter involving diamond wear, effective grinding, mechanical force of grinding and the properties of the stone being ground. Generally speaking, when the linear speed of the stone grinding machine is high, a small cutting depth should be selected, and the depth can be selected between 1mm and 10mm.

3. Generally, when grinding granite blocks with large-diameter grinding machines, the grinding depth can be controlled between 1mm and 2mm, and at the same time, the feed speed should be reduced. When the linear speed of the stone grinding machine is large, a large cutting depth should be selected. However, within the allowable range of saw machine performance and tool strength, a larger cutting concentration should be used for cutting. When there is a requirement for grinding the machined surface of the stone, a small depth cutting should be used.

4. If it is a stone with large porosity, it should be painted with marble protective agent and re-polished to increase the crystal surface hardness of the entire ground. After the surface of the stone is formed into a crystal mirror, use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the residue and moisture on the ground, and then use a polishing pad to polish it to make the entire ground completely dry and bright like a mirror.Diamond Tools manufacture

The above article is all about how to polish marble and what are the precautions for marble polishing. The method of marble polishing is actually marble maintenance. However, the method of marble polishing is quite simple. As long as you understand more, and then operate according to the specifications, you can complete the polishing project.

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