What material is used for marble polishing

What material is used for marble polishing

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Marble needs to be polished so that the surface will be brighter and the decorative performance will be better. After all, what material is used for marble polishing? Let's take a brief look at it with Z-LION.

1. What material is used for marble polishing

If marble crystal polishing is performed, materials such as crystal powder and liquid mixture need to be used. If marble refurbishment is performed, antifouling agent and crystal powder and other materials need to be used. Polishing marble requires professional polishing machines and diamond polishing pads. And the operation must be carried out in strict accordance with the regulations to ensure the polishing effect and validity period. Generally, the validity period of a single polishing is about 3 months.

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2.what are the specific steps of marble polishing

  1). Dry grinding

Before polishing the marble, it is necessary to perform dry grinding. After the capillary pores of the stone are opened, use professional chemical reagents to remove the dirt on the surface of the marble, so as to avoid the infiltration of sewage into the stone during the later wet grinding The beauty of stone.

  2) Wet grinding

According to the actual situation of the marble, choose a suitable water grinding pads for grinding. Note that the diamond grinding pads should not be too thick, otherwise it will damage the marble, and it should not be too fine, otherwise the grinding effect will not be achieved. In addition, in order to ensure the grinding effect, it is necessary to grind slowly from coarse to fine, so that the effect will be better.

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3. Surface crystallization treatment

Crystallization is the last step in marble processing, which requires a professional crystal surface machine and clean powder for grinding. The main purpose of this step is to form a protective film on the marble surface to prevent dirt from penetrating into the marble during use, and also to prevent scratches and improve the brightness of the stone.

The above materials for marble polishing and the specific steps of marble polishing are introduced here. I hope to help you. The marble polishing treatment can not only keep the surface bright, but also prolong the life. important.

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