Application field of diamond dry grinding pads

Application field of diamond dry grinding pads

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Dry grinding pads are mainly used for grinding and polishing stone materials, with sharp grinding, long service life, good wear resistance, and no need to add additional water during use. The hardness of the dry grinding pads is high, and it is a micro-cutting mechanism when processing materials, so the grinding pads is the cutting tool of choice for stone processing. more than 5 times of that), the processing result is good (the material with high requirements can be polished), therefore, the application of grinding pads is becoming more and more extensive.

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Dry grinding is to use coarse-grained grinding tools to smooth the damaged surface, or to smooth the uneven parts that have been laid. Generally, a certain amount of removal is required in this process. During construction, attention should be paid to the overall smoothness. The coarser dry grinding sheet is to remove the rough lines in the processing process, and to maintain the flatness of the construction surface. Dry grinding padss can complete the polishing and grinding of stone, glass, ceramics and other materials without adding water to cool. Compared with ordinary water grinding tablets, its main advantage is that it can prevent the occurrence of water spots, macula, and alkali return to the stone.

Diamond dry grinding pads is one of the main products of Z-LION. For the application of diamond dry grinding pads products, what are the points of application and what are the scope of application? Let me give you a detailed introduction to this aspect. Check it out.

Application scope of diamond dry grinding pads

The friction coefficient of diamond grinding disc is low and the affinity with non-ferrous metal is small. The diamond knife can prevent the metal and the tool from bonding. Due to the large elastic modulus of diamond, the deformation of the blade during cutting is small, and the non-ferrous metal is cut. The extrusion deformation is small, so that the cutting process can be completed under small deformation, so that the quality of the machined surface can be improved.

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Processing of non-metallic materials, when processing difficult-to-machine non-metallic materials with a large number of high-hardness particles, such as glass fiber reinforced plastics, silicon-filled materials, and hard carbon fiber/epoxy composite materials, the hard points of the material cause serious tool wear. , It is difficult to process with cemented carbide tools, while diamond tools have high hardness and good wear resistance, so the processing rate is high.

Ultra-precision machining, with the advent of modern integrated technology, machining is developing in the direction of high precision, which puts forward quite high requirements for tool performance. Due to the small friction coefficient, low thermal expansion coefficient and high thermal conductivity of diamond, it can cut thin chips. The influence of the blade and the workpiece, so the blade is not easy to passivate, the cutting deformation is small, and a higher quality surface can be obtained.

For the use of diamond dry grinding padss, there is a certain range of applications. I think everyone has a certain understanding of this content through the introduction of this article. Consumers who have needs for such products hope to choose our products. .

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