How to choose high quality floor paint for underground garage floor paint?

How to choose high quality floor paint for underground garage floor paint?

2020-11-12 16:08:06 Henry Wang

Before analyzing which underground garage floor paint is selected as the best choice for you, let's first understand the general environment of the underground parking lot. It is a factor that will have a great impact on the floor paint:

1. As is known to all, the underground parking lot is located on the underground floor, where the air is relatively heavy and water seepage often occurs;

2, the ground use frequency is very high, mostly for cars, many corners, need to withstand a lot of friction;

3. The underground parking lot is mostly enclosed, which is not conducive to the circulation of air. If the dust is too big, the ash will be raised for a long time;

4, underground exit there are a lot of private cars, and many are high-end cars, if the indoor environment is not good, will affect the service life of private cars.

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Underground garage floor paint

Therefore, according to the above mentioned environmental factors of underground garage, we selected three kinds of floor paint for comparison of underground garage:

01 epoxy floor paint, epoxy floor paint with colour and lustre is gorgeous, decoration, is a kind of solution before using the most, but epoxy floor construction technology is a form of heterogeneous, paste, coverage, is the floor polishing after cleaning, use viscose resin paste to the concrete surface, but because of epoxy resin and concrete exist differences in physical and chemical properties, and the influence of the external environment, such as rush on underground water, surface friction force is too large, water covered, and natural weathering of epoxy resin, prone to peeling, empty drum up shell cracking problems.In addition, experienced Beijing Kaitenda said, if not timely repair, local problems can easily spread, eventually lead to the damage of the entire floor.

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Emery resistant floor

Emery wear resistant floor: emery wear resistant floor can be chosen according to the needs of the color, although not as gorgeous as epoxy resin, but when added to the concrete sealing curing agent, the visual effect is no less than epoxy resin floor.And emery wear-resistant floor and concrete as a whole, there is no structural problems, and the price is much cheaper than epoxy resin floor, long life, so the application range is also very wide.But if the emery wear-resisting floor is not treated, the phenomenon of dust and powder will still appear.

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Concrete seal curing agent floor paint

03 seal curing agent of concrete floor, sealed concrete curing agent floor parking lot is the recently popular a kind of solution, because this solution effectively solve the appear of foundry dust, empty drum cracking, high cost, water resistant, wear-resisting and so on questions, so well known, but due to the influence of the concept of floor, before some people not understanding of sealed concrete curing agent, often asked how thick is this floor, what's color and so on.Actually, concrete seal curing agent is a kind of water - permeable liquid.According to the Beijing tengda kay, it permeates into the concrete, and not gel of calcium ion in concrete produces chemical reaction, to generate calcium silicate gel, filled with concrete colloid, thereby enhancing the wear-resisting degree of hardness, density of concrete, etc., and then polished polishing process presents the burnish like marble, the surface is very beautiful, so it is optimization of the underground garage floor paint!

The above is part of my opinion on which floor paint is the best choice for the underground garage. If you have any supplement or objection, please leave a message in the comment section or contact me.

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