What are the disadvantages of emery wear-resistant flooring?

What are the disadvantages of emery wear-resistant flooring?

2020-11-04 15:14:12 Henry Wang
What are the disadvantages of emery wear-resistant flooring?
In the construction of industrial ground, people generally think that emery wear-resistant floor is an economical, healthy and practical floor product, because its construction period is not long, it is pure and odorless, and it only needs to be constructed synchronously with concrete. It saves a lot of time, so everyone is very enamored of this cheap product, but the emery wear-resistant floor generally has the following shortcomings.
What are the disadvantages of emery wear-resistant flooring?
(1) The color of the wear-resistant floor has limitations;
(2) Poor permeability resistance: Wear-resistant flooring is actually a high degree of concrete, and its permeability resistance is far less than that of epoxy flooring. For some workshops that often have oil stains, such as machining workshops, the oil stains are very high. It easily penetrates into the floor and can not be completely cleaned.
(3) Can not resist the corrosion of chemicals: The chemical composition of inorganic silicate is more easily corroded by acid and alkali.
(4) No matter what is lacking, there may also be shortcomings. This mainly depends on which aspect you pay more attention to when choosing ground materials. The so-called ruler has its strengths and its weaknesses. Avoid its shortcomings so as to maximize the advantages of wear-resistant floors. After the floor is made of emery carbide, it is then cured with a concrete sealing curing agent to maximize the functional advantages of the floor!

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