What is a polished concrete floor?

What is a polished concrete floor?

2020-10-28 16:42:25 Henry Wang

What is a polished concrete floor?

Concrete, as we have seen in our daily life, is an essential and important material for building construction. It is an artificial stone made of cementitious materials (adhesives), coarse and fine aggregate (sand, stone particles), water and other admixtures in proportion and hardened under appropriate conditions.

With the progress of science and technology, the performance form of concrete is more and more diverse, clear concrete, decorative concrete, waterproof concrete, polished concrete floor and so on.

Strictly speaking, polished concrete is not a kind of concrete, only concrete after the evolution of an external form of expression.
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Definition of polished concrete:

What is a polished concrete floor?It is a new type of floor treatment technology made of concrete sealing curing agent and ground grinding equipment, through grinding machines and tools, and using hardener (seal curing agent), under the joint action of chemistry and physics, the concrete floor is formed.A concrete floor with a certain sheen and a higher hardness.Polished concrete floor, also called toughened floor, has been widely used in all kinds of industrial floor, especially the ground of workshop and underground parking lot.In real life, a lot of people may have seen, just do not know the specific name of this floor, may not pay attention to, do not know his foot is called polished concrete floor.

Principles of polished concrete floor:

Sealing curing agent penetrates into concrete depth of 5-8mm, and can interact with silicate ions in concrete, making concrete form a compact whole.The strength and surface compactness are further strengthened, and the flatness and finish of the floor are improved through high speed grinding and polishing of the machine, so that the concrete floor has both practical and decorative properties.

Construction objects of polished concrete floor:

Cast-in-place and hardened concrete floor, renovation of old concrete floor.

Advantages of polished concrete floor:

1. Beautiful. By polishing, all kinds of aggregate added in the concrete will be presented, which has certain decorative effect.

2. Environmentally friendly and sustainable, the raw material is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and it can directly polish the existing concrete floor, which is an environmentally friendly floor solution.Moreover, it has been proved by practice that the polished concrete floor with high inverse luminosity can improve the natural brightness and reduce the lighting energy consumption to some extent.

3, sanitation, no dust.Seal curing agent ACTS on concrete and can inhibit dust precipitation from surface pores for a long time.It can also reduce allergens and inhibit mold growth.

Application scope of polished concrete floor:

Suitable for all kinds of commercial and industrial fields.Especially for the area with high frequency of use and certain requirement of ground hardness.Such as logistics center, warehouse and so on.
Application scope of polished concrete floor

Development of polished concrete floor:

In recent years, dyestuff and dyestuff powder have been widely used in concrete polishing process to enhance the beauty of concrete.In addition, it also introduces cutting technology, such as radiation line, grid line, radiation belt, corner treatment, etc., which can effectively prevent cracks on the ground and enhance the design sense of the ground.The use of polished concrete will be more and more extensive.

Polished concrete floor Knowledge points:

In fact, many people think of polished concrete as epoxy or terrazzo floors.So small make up with everyone to popularize some knowledge points.

1, epoxy floor paint is in the concrete surface coating layers, a kind of coating adhesion on the concrete floor, just want to ceramic tile, is not really a concrete, we come into contact with the polished concrete is based on the basis of the concrete floor, the floor is a whole, and the epoxy floor have substaintial distinction, sealed concrete curing agent of raw materials directly to infiltrate inside the concrete, produce a series of chemical reactions, and the ground again by grinding processing, has formed a whole polished concrete ground.

2, terrazzo ground is in the construction of the ground concrete foundation, with the concrete construction.And polished concrete is in the concrete foundation after completion, then the construction of a separate.The hardness of the two is completely different.

Polishing concrete, hardener to the ordinary ground hardening treatment, can be polished polishing, the completion of the construction operation.The floor can also be dyed to achieve the desired color and effect.In this process, there is no paving, the construction cycle will save a lot of time.Include old and new ground, wear-resisting floor is ok go construction.So polished concrete is a floor, and epoxy, terrazzo are different, is made of concrete sealing curing agent.If you need to buy materials, you can contact the contact information left on the website.

Explanations of relevant articles in this article


The ground floor is the part that the ground floor room and soil layer contact, it bears the load of the ground floor room, the requirement has certain strength and rigidity, and has moistureproof, waterproof, warm, wear-resisting performance.There is a close relationship between the stratum and the outdoor site of the building. It is necessary to deal with the relationship between the ground and the platform, the steps and the site along the edge of the building, so as to make the handover between the building and the site clear and harmonious as a whole.The floor is suitable for some places with high hygienic requirements, such as hospital floor, food factory floor, pharmaceutical factory floor, laboratory building floor and machine room floor.And requirements of stamping, corrosion and wear resistant ground such as underground parking, factory warehouse (forklift), etc.Building industry: Floor is the part of the building bottom room and the lower soil layer contact, it bears the ground load of the lower room, should have good wear-resisting, moisture-proof, waterproof, heat preservation performance.


English alphabet: hunningt incarnation: antonym shorthand: Concrete is to point to by cement Concrete (organic, inorganic or organic inorganic compound), granular aggregate, water, and need to add the chemical admixtures and mineral admixtures mixing of mixture in certain proportion, or after hardening has coacervation structure composite material (generally in gelled material, water and fine aggregate and coarse aggregate, need when adding admixtures and mineral admixtures, cooperate in certain proportion.Concrete is one of the most important civil engineering materials.Concrete has the characteristics of abundant raw materials, low price and simple production technology, so that its dosage is increasing.At the same time, concrete also has the characteristics of high compressive strength, good durability and wide range of strength grade.These characteristics make it widely used, not only in all kinds of civil engineering, is shipbuilding industry, mechanical industry, ocean development, geothermal engineering, concrete is also an important material.Concrete is a kind of building material full of vitality.With the continuous development of concrete composition materials, people's understanding of material composite technology is constantly improved.The performance requirements of concrete are not limited to compressive strength, but pay more attention to the balance and coordination of comprehensive indicators such as durability and deformation performance of concrete on the basis of strength.The requirement of each performance index of concrete is more definite, detailed and specific than before.At the same time, the improvement of the level of construction equipment and the continuous emergence and promotion of new construction techniques make the concrete technology adapt to different design, construction and use requirements, and develop rapidly.Concrete is not a single material that exists in isolation.It is inseparable from the development of the raw materials used in concrete and the development and change of the engineering application objects of concrete.Concrete should be taken seriously from the point of view of civil engineering university.Concrete mix ratio design is the same, first of all, to analyze the structure of the project, component characteristics, design requirements, estimate the possible adverse situation and risk, based on local raw materials.Then adopt scientific, reasonable and feasible technical route and technical means.The high quality concrete is prepared to meet the design requirements, construction technology requirements and use requirements.


Modification of the surface of a workpiece using a flexible polishing tool and abrasive particles or other polishing medium is being loaded.Polishing does not improve the dimensional or geometric shape accuracy of the workpiece, but aims at obtaining a smooth surface or mirror gloss, and is sometimes used to eliminate gloss (matting).The polishing wheel is usually used as a polishing tool.Polishing wheel is generally made of multi-layer canvas, felt or leather, with metal round plate clamped on both sides, its wheel edge coated by micro powder abrasive and grease and other evenly mixed polish.When polishing, high-speed rotating polishing wheel (circular speed of more than 20 m/s) is pressed to the workpiece, so that abrasive to the workpiece surface rolling and micro cutting, so as to obtain a bright surface, surface roughness is generally up to Ra0.63 ~ 0.01 micron;When non-greasy matting polishes are used, the glossy surface can be matted to improve its appearance.Roller polishing is often used in mass production of bearing steel balls.A large number of steel balls, lime and abrasive are placed in the tilted canister drum during rough casting. When the drum rotates, the steel balls and abrasive are randomly rolled and collided in the drum to remove the convex surface front and reduce the surface roughness. The margin of about 0.01 mm can be removed.When finishing, steel balls and fur fragments are packed into wooden barrels, which can be rotated continuously for several hours to obtain a dazzling bright surface.The polishing of precision grain ruler is carried out by immersing the machining surface in polishing liquid, which is composed of chromium oxide micro powder with particle size of W5 ~ W0.5 and emulsion.The polishing wheel is made of uniform and fine degreased wood or special fine felt, and its movement track is uniform and dense network. The surface roughness after polishing is no more than Ra0.01 micron, and no surface defects can be observed under the microscope with 40 times of magnification.In addition, there are electrolytic polishing and other methods.Good concrete polishing tools can bring better results to your concrete floor work.

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