Snail Lock Back Holders

Snail Lock Back Holders

We have 2", 3", 4", 5"back holders to fit diamond polishing pads of same sizes. Two types of back holders are available - Rigid or Semi-Rigid. Rigid type works better on flat surface polishing while Semi-Rigid holders are better for curved areas. The back holders have 5/8-11or M14 fitting to fit on standard grinders and polishers. They are all velcro backed.

  • Item No.: Snail Lock Back Holders
  • Spec: 4
  •   Designed for inline machines or hand held polishers or grinders

  •   Break away design prevent damage to spindles

  •   4" or 5" sizes

  •   Thread:5/8 - 11,M14

Snail Lock Adapter Aluminum with 5/8-11 Thread

  •   Necessary for attaching PVA quick change wheels to a low speed sander / polisher.

  •   Max Rpm 4000.

  •   The aluminum backer plate is attached to the polishing tool and each of the pads has a snail lock adapter.

  •   The adapter simply fits into place and locks on with a twisting motion.

  •   To remove the pads simply untwist and remove, then replace with the next grit.

  •   This Quick Change process saves time & increases productivity

  • 5/8-11 thread. Made from aluminum and rubber.

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