ZL-16E Dry Floor Polishing Pad

ZL-16E Dry Floor Polishing Pad

New products. Cost effective, fast polishing and high gloss. Completely dry polishing, no water needed at all. Used for grinding and polishing of marble, granite and concrete floor.Advantage:

  • Item No.: ZL-16E
  • Spec: 3

ZL-16E Resin Bonded Floor Polishing Pads-Dry Use
High heat resistant dry floor polishing pads, No water needed, fully dry polishing.
Mainly used for polishing of granite, marble and concrete floor.


1.No dye on concrete while dry polishing
2.Quick polishing, get gloss in less time

3.Wear resistant, long life

Product code: ZL-16E
Specification: 3"
Grit: 50# 100# 200# 400# 800# 1500# 3000#

Diamond Tools manufacture

Diamond Tools manufactureDiamond Tools manufacture

Diamond Tools manufacture

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