Z-LION Online Shows in 2022

Z-LION Online Shows in 2022

2022-01-27 13:56:10 admin

Diamond Tools manufacture

Dear customers:

We will join the following shows online in year 2022:

TISE (The International Surface Event) Feb 01-03, 2022

IBS (International Builders' Show) Feb 08-10, 2022

PHICONSTRUC Mar 16-20, 2022

COVERINGS Apr 05-08, 2022

MARMO+MAC Sep 27-30, 2022

The Big5 Dec 05-08, 2022

Welcome to visit our online showrooms to check our new products and 2021 best sellers.

VR showroom for TISE:  https://stone-tool-feb.zhizhan360.com/

VR showroom for IBS:  https://stone-tool-feb2.zhizhan360.com/

If you are interested in anything or you have any question, you can reach us by Telephone, WhatsApp, WebChat, Messenger or start video meeting with  us from our VR showroom.

Mini Diamond Wire

Diamond Blade for Cutting Dekton

Diamond Flap Disc

Diamond Hand Polishing Pad

123J 7 Step Dry Polishing Pad

123Q 4 Step Dry Polishing Pad

123G 3 Step Wet Polishing Pad

123E Electroplated Polishing Pad

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