Foshan Sanmo Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion. Opportunities or challenges in the post-epidemic era?

Foshan Sanmo Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion. Opportunities or challenges in the post-epidemic era?

2020-09-11 09:20:33 Henry Wang

Foshan Sanmo Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion. Opportunities or challenges in the post-epidemic era?

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On the afternoon of September 5th, the three-day China Foshan International Abrasion-abrasion-Grinding exhibition came to a successful conclusion.The public information service platform of China abrasive & Abrasives industry visited and investigated the exhibitors in depth at the exhibition.With the increase of visiting enterprises, the author's feelings are more and more profound.This year for...

In the afternoon of September 5th, the three-day China Foshan International Abrasion-Abrasion-Grinding exhibition came to a successful conclusion.The public information service platform of China abrasive & Abrasives industry visited and investigated the exhibitors in depth at the exhibition.With the increase of visiting enterprises, the author's feelings are more and more profound.This is a special year for individuals, enterprises and even nations and countries. Faced with the uncertain epidemic situation, uncertain China-Us relations and uncertain market environment, the seriousness of the problems faced by enterprises is obvious.However, in the interview, some enterprises are growing against the trend in such a difficult environment. It is just like everyone is facing a big test. Some people, no matter how difficult the question is, still do well in the test.

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General mill tu Fu, bitter practice seventy-two changes, 81 difficult to deal with

In this exhibition, the unique design style of The exhibition hall of Shengquan Group makes people shine at the moment, which is surprisingly consistent with the development trajectory of Shengquan Group in recent years.The exhibition st spring group brings spring matrix resin abrasive products, respectively are cutting grinding wheel with resin, phenolic resin grinding wheel with resin, recession-proof, in shandong holy stream with new material co., LTD., general manager of Marketing Department Wang Xuan conversation understands, this three kinds of phenolic resins have in common is the biggest environmental protection, in the process of production use as far as possible to reduce the damage to the workers' health, at the same time, as the holy stream of green technology mature, cost-effective become holy spring the one big characteristic of phenolic resin.

Diamond Tools manufactureWith the increase of customer demand, In order to better and timely service customers, and also follow the national strategy of Shengquan layout, Zhuhai Shengquan High-tech Materials Co., Ltd. came into being.Company is located in the zhuhai gaolan port fine chemical zone, the registered capital of 140 million yuan, jinan holy spring group co., LTD., affiliated to the company's main products for the green high performance phenolic resin and special epoxy resin, is holy stream group in south China in recent years the layout of the resin is important production base of new materials, first phase of the project company has been operating in October 2019, the phase ii project in picking up, too.Wang Xuan, general manager of Marketing Department of Shandong Shengquan New Materials Co., LTD, said, "Zhuhai Shengquan High-tech Materials Co., LTD will continue to bring Shengquan's technology to Guangdong, Guangxi and south China, so as to better serve Shengquan customers and improve the efficiency and quality of service.It is exactly the idea advocated by Shengquan Group. It is all for your needs."Speaking of the future, Wang said, "The diversified layout of Shengquan has been pleasantly surprised by the epidemic this year. The full resumption of production of masks has not only made due contributions to the epidemic prevention and control, but also proved that the diversified layout of Shengquan is correct. We are still full of confidence in the future."

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Diamond Tools manufacture

Having talked with Woo Kam-kun, the general manager of Qinai (Shandong) New Materials Co., LTD., he knew that this was the first time qinai (Shandong) New Materials Co., LTD., taking part in the third mill exhibition. In the past, the company had been producing more refractory materials, and in recent years it had begun to increase its production of brown and white corundum.At present, the company operates 6 dumping furnaces, 2 fixed furnaces, 3 sand production lines, 2 fine powder production lines and 1 grain size sand production line, with an annual output of more than 60,000 tons and an annual sales volume of more than 30 million DOLLARS.Hu shows us his resistance to the product traceability cloud system, through product standard code scanning, through mobile phones can be the first time to see to this batch of products data, greatly improved the level of supply chain management and improve the quality of the service, at the same time hu to show the factory clean production workshop, ordered workers work scene, greatly changed the impression of brown fused alumina enterprise.In President Hu's opinion, although the company's production has been somewhat affected by the epidemic, it is still optimistic about its future development, and its brand and products are still the top priorities.

From the communication with Henan Kangtai Micro Powder Co., LTD., I learned that the company was still greatly affected and under great pressure during the epidemic, and now it is also an opportunity to seek transformation and upgrading.The company was established in 2002, covering an area of 60,000 square meters, with a registered capital of 50 million yuan and fixed assets of 55 million yuan.At present, there are 185 frontline workers, 28 managerial personnel and 46 professional and technical personnel, including 15 senior engineers.Specializing in green silicon carbide grinding materials, white corundum powder and diamond wire saw research and development, production and sales.The company is constantly looking for different product positioning range to adapt to the changes in the market, work hard, cope with the uncertain market changes.

Diamond Tools manufactureIn the exchange with Mr. Liu Yakai, chairman of Londa Abrasive abrasive Tools Co., LTD., the company realized the growth of business performance against the trend this year, many blossoming points, foreign trade sales reached a peak.The outbreak appears to have had little impact.But Liu also said that both domestic and foreign routes are equally important, and should not rely too much on one route, otherwise the risk will be greater.

Diamond Tools manufactureZhang Yunsheng, chairman of Dengfeng Shenglong Ceramics Special materials Co., LTD, also said that the company has been producing non-stop this year, although affected by the epidemic, but not very much.

Super hard enterprise, looking for hope in the opportunity gap

Shanghai Changrun Jirui Superhard Material Co., LTD. Is a subsidiary of Changrun Diamond, specializing in the production of world leading level superhard materials, its core products include artificial diamond, cubic boron nitride, diamond composite sheet and so on.Products are widely used in stone, glass, semiconductor, crystal, metal and alloy processing, mining, oil drilling and other fields.In the communication with Shanghai Changrun Jirui Superhard Materials Co., LTD., I learned that despite the impact of the epidemic, it is still temporary. The company is currently advancing on both international and domestic routes, continuing to expand the market scope and seek for breakthroughs.

Diamond Tools manufactureIn the communication with Zhuhai Juhai Technology Co., LTD., I learned that the company's main products are used in building materials market and 3C market. In the field of circuit board grinding, the technical content of the products is higher.At the same time, due to the impact of the epidemic, the company's composite tablet products are greatly affected.The rest of the company's products, which normally grow at more than 20% a year, are likely to be flat this year.

Diamond Tools manufactureDuring a visit to Henan Haode Diamond Technology Co., LTD., We learned that foreign trade faced great difficulties in the second quarter, and the lag effect caused by the epidemic still existed. Meanwhile, the uncertainty of the external environment also brought uncertainties to foreign trade.During a visit to Henan Xiuchuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. and Anhui Yizhu Group, the author has learned that the super-hard material industry has encountered great challenges this year, especially in the cultivation of diamonds. The diamond processing in India has basically stagnated, and the reduction of downstream jewelry consumption desire has a great impact on the cultivation of the diamond industry.But the difficulty is always there, how in the vibration in the smooth landing is the most important.

To live is to hope.

Diamond Tools manufactureIndustrial upgrading in the throes, looking for a lighthouse in the fog

On September 4, China's superhard materials industry Lean Manufacturing Forum and coated abrader industry automation development Seminar were held as scheduled.Luoyang Bearing Science & Technology Co., Ltd., a professor ke-hua li, thick DE diamond Technology Co., Ltd., henan MuQiuXia secretary, national testing center of abrasives industry measurement engineers Ren Guanqing respectively the resin superhard abrasive research progress, the ceramic precision machining - thick DE diamond functional diamond crushing material, powder series, reports of the abrasives measurement testing Technology.It is worth mentioning that henan Haode Diamond Technology Co., LTD. Director Mu Qiuxia "Ceramic Precision Machining -- Haode Diamond functional diamond crushing material, micro powder series" report, the content is detailed and practical, comprehensively shows the exploration and strength of Henan Haode Diamond Technology Co., LTD. In the technical aspect.

Diamond Tools manufactureHenan industry university, former dean of materials science and engineering, doctoral supervisor wen-jun zou, the mechanical industry involving research institute co., LTD., senior engineer 6 silver front, top 3 m China technology center, guangzhou yingda industrial founder and general manager, general manager of Wu Peizhi brought the polyurethane modified resin in the application of the coated with abrasive, the intelligent plant related policy and system to explore the implementation of the law, challenges and countermeasures of grinding system intelligent report. 

Despite the epidemic and the uncertainty of China-Us relations, this year brought a huge "black swan", but the industry is still sliding through the ice, looking for a lighthouse, this is not only due to the industry's endless inertia, but also reflects the industry's "my destiny is not by the sky" spirit of hard work.

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