Weekly Bulletin Of The Superhard Materials Industry

Weekly Bulletin Of The Superhard Materials Industry

2020-04-03 17:01:01 Henry Wang

Weekly Bulletin of the Superhard Materials Industry

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Summary International News Canadian Jewelers Association Releases Comprehensive Guide to Diamond Cultivation Recently, the Canadian Jewelers Association (CJA) has issued a guide to regulate the advertising of diamond cultivation in Canada to prevent consumers from being unfounded or false. The statement is wrong ...

       international News

       Canadian Jewelers Association releases comprehensive guide to diamond cultivation

       Recently, the Canadian Jewelers Association (CJA) issued a guide to regulate the advertising of diamond cultivation in Canada, to prevent consumers from being misled by unfounded or false statements. The guidelines state that when the word "diamond" is used alone, only natural-mined diamonds can use the word "diamond" alone. Cultivated diamonds must be declared "lab-grown", "lab-created" or "synthetic" "Diamond, with its descriptive term immediately before the word" Diamond ".

The organization also urges retailers to ensure that any promotional utterances from suppliers or manufacturers are verified before communicating with consumers, and not to be misled. These promotional vocabularies include unproven expressions such as "eco-friendly", "sustainable" and "carbon neutral", and "bred diamonds retain or add value".

Weekly Bulletin of the Superhard Materials Industry

       Global diamond price drop triggers industry quake

       Global diamond price drop triggers industry quake

       Among the prices of finished diamonds, the largest proportion is the price of bare stones, and the price of bare stones has a completely open and transparent price system, which is the Rapaport diamond quotation. On March 20, the standard price of diamonds in each series in the RAPAPORT Diamond Price List was the same as that of the stock market, and there was a general decline. The decline was mostly between 4-8%, which triggered the global diamond industry earthquake. .

       Diamonds could be used to power the world

       A report on the official British government website states that scientists at the Atomic Energy Authority and the University of Bristol are collaborating to develop a high-end technology for manufacturing diamond batteries.

       Scientists say these batteries can power devices such as computer chips, smoke alarms, pacemakers or small satellites, and don't need to be recharged for decades or thousands of years.

       The report quoted Professor Scott as saying: "Bristol is working with Coolum to set up a spin-off company and start trial operation of these devices. We hope to produce 10,000 to 20,000 devices per year, but eventually hope to produce each year Millions of devices.

       ALROSA develops patent for diamond detector

       Improved synthetic diamond cultivation technology provides conditions for the emergence of the diamond "gray" market. Unscrupulous market players have begun replacing natural diamonds with synthetic diamonds. To protect consumers from gemstone fraud, ALROSA has developed and patented a special device.

       The unique portable diamond authenticity detector is a true technological breakthrough with three optical analysis methods. This compact instrument is functionally superior to many benchtop and mobile detectors.

       GSI releases a new grading diamond grading report

       The International Gemological Institute (GSI) has released a new grading report for cultivated diamonds. The new report, called LGX Complete, is the most comprehensive grading report on the market today. This report will indicate whether a diamond has been processed after it has been cultivated. The report will indicate whether the diamond will be produced using a high pressure high temperature (HPHT) or chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process. It will also clarify whether the diamond is "growing", meaning that it has not been treated or strengthened with laboratory-grown diamonds.

       Domestic News

       The Yellow River Cyclone Diamond Line Project was selected as a list of key construction projects in Henan Province in 2020

       On February 27, the Henan Provincial Key Project Construction Network issued the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the List of Henan Provincial Key Construction Projects in 2020" (Yufa Reform and Construction [2020] No. 76). The reporter of China Superhard Material Network discovered that Xuanfeng Co., Ltd.'s diamond material and wire manufacturing equipment industrialization project for new material processing was selected into the list of key construction projects in Henan Province in 2020.

The reporter of China Superhard Material Network discovered that Xuanfeng Co., Ltd.'s diamond material and wire manufacturing equipment industrialization project

       From March 20, the tax rebate rate of some superhard materials products has increased to 13%

       According to the "Announcement on Increasing the Export Tax Rebate Rate of Certain Products" issued by the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation, starting from March 20 (based on the export date indicated on the export goods declaration form), including a total of 16 artificial diamond powder The export tax rebate rate for super hard materials and abrasive products of each tariff code has been increased to 9% or 13%.


       Yanshan University has made important progress in the study of diamond mechanical properties!

       Recently, the academician Tian Yongjun's team of the State Key Laboratory of Metastable Material Preparation Technology and Science of Yanshan University and the team of Academician Yang Wei of the Center for Intermechanics of Zhejiang University cooperated to achieve the ultra-high elastic strain (tensile strength) and room temperature dislocation-induced plasticity of diamond Deformation. The research results have been published in Nature and Cell.

       The results show that micro-nano-scale diamond single crystals have shown good elasticity and a certain plastic deformation ability, overturning the traditional understanding of diamond mechanical properties by researchers, and improving the toughness and plasticity of diamond materials through the regulation of size and microstructure in the future. Provide scientific basis.

       Hangzhou Boda Diamond Bankruptcy Property Distribution Details Involved in Multiple Superhard Material Enterprises Announced

       The Hangzhou Yuhang District People's Court ruled that Hangzhou Boda Diamond Co., Ltd. had entered bankruptcy proceedings and appointed Zhejiang Jindao Law Firm as the manager. On March 18, Zhejiang Jindao Law Firm announced the distribution of bankruptcy property of Hangzhou Boda Diamond Co., Ltd. The creditor's right allocated this time is the creditor's rights of 54 creditors including Hubei Exin Diamond Technology Co., Ltd. confirmed by the Yuhang Court (list attached).

       The announcement publicized the distribution procedures, restrictions and contact details of the distribution matters, and the consequences of the creditors not receiving the distribution funds in a timely manner.

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