How to Choose the Diamond Polishing Pads?

How to Choose the Diamond Polishing Pads?

2019-12-25 13:27:44

How to choose the diamond polishing pads?

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Diamond Polishing pads in grits #50, #100, #200
Such grits polishing pads are for system cleaning, polishing and refinishing floors, without using chemicals polishing, they can be used for natural and synthetic fibers, concrete, stone, granite, marlbe etc.  

 quite aggressive
 For the floor heavily damaged
 For polishing tile/slabs after grinded by diamond grinding tools like diamond frankfurt block, diamond fickert brick etc.
 Removes floor scratches and blemishes
 Ideal for floor matting

Diamond Polishing pads in grits #400, #800
 Be used after the coarse polishing
 For cleaning surfaces
 Removeing dirt
 Making light on the floor

Diamond Polishing pads in grits 1500
 Removing fine scratches
 Preparing the fine polishing
 Making light on the floor 

Diamond Polishing pads in grits 3000 and polishing buff.
 To make the super fine finishing
 The final polishing
 For the daily care of floor
 Creating the effect of "wet look"

Mostly, diamond polishing pads are generally ideal for polishing granite and marble in stone factory. They are also used for wet polishing of concrete and floor. When polishing, please keep enough water to cool off the diamond polishing pad as the diamonds can't bear overheat, please keep the polishing machine speed lower than 4500rpm.

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