ZL-35EB Electroplated Flexible Diamond Belts

ZL-35EB Electroplated Flexible Diamond Belts

Diamond Belts offer long life and quick durable cutting power.Perfect for cutting any type of glass, lapidary, stone,or ceramic. They provide quick and consistent cutting power for your grinding needs. An excellent belt for use with the expanding drums. The size can be ordered.

  • Item No.: ZL-35EB
  • Spec: Electroplated Flexible Diamond Belts


Electroplated diamond belts

Item No.ZL-35EB


Flexible diamond polishing and finishing belts.

For grinding and polishing super hard material, such as glass, stone, metal, porcelain, etc. Electroplated Diamond Belt is equipped with advanced processing technics of Electroplated Diamond Belt . We supply Electroplated Diamond Belt and other products in different specifications.

125mm*38mm  60#  120#  200#  400#