ZL-16C Metal Bond Diamond Floor Grinding Discs

ZL-16C Metal Bond Diamond Floor Grinding Discs

Metal Bond Diamond Floor Grinding Discs are best used for concrete floor lippage removal and heavy grinding. With 7mm thickness of diamond material, they are capable of grinding thousands of square feet surfaces. We offer 16 grit, 30 grit, 50 grit and 100 grit diamond discs. They are velcro backed with foam layer, and threaded holes for screws.

  • Item No.: ZL-16C
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A large range of diamond grinding and polishing systems are available for all types of stone floors including granite, marble, terrazzo, concrete and natural stones to fit the Tornado, Premiere and Numatic floor grinding and polishing machines or machines of other manufacture.

Diamond Floor Polishing Pads(METAL)

Metal Bond Discs are specially designed for polishing and grinding concrete,granite,marble,linestone,travertine and terrazzo,and have an advantage over other manufacurer's ssimilar products in current market.The special features are as follows:

Diamond segment is hot-pressd and professionally welded on the plate to make sure the density of segment is reasonable and help to extend the lifetime of the disc.

The height of diamond segment is higher than other general metal bond discs in the market.Higher segments would make the disc not easy to wear out.


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ZL-16C Metal floor polishing pads



Straight edge

6#, 16#, 25#, 30#, 50#, 100#, 200#, 400#

Concrete floor





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