ZL-QH17 Vacuum Brazed Diamond Pads

ZL-QH17 Vacuum Brazed Diamond Pads

Vacuum brazed diamond grinding pads/discs are very aggressive, and long lasting too. Compare to brazed diamond cup wheels, they are as aggressive with less noise; compare to resin bond or metal bond diamond pads, they are mover aggressive and efficient; compare to electroplated diamond discs, they are as or more aggressive, but more durable. They are extremely good at shaping and removing lippages on granite, marble and concrete. They can also be used on glass and swimming pool surfaces.

disadvantages of Vacuum Brazed Diamond Pads: they are not flexible, and they do not last as long as true metal bond diamond cup wheels and true metal bond diamond discs.

  • 30,60,120grit vacuum brazed technology, most aggressive and efficient possible.

  • 4" in diameter.

  • Velcro backed